How did the Volunteer Centre come into being? It all began when the Lunenburg/Queens Recreation Coordinators/Directors Association (LQRCDA) was approached by Community Links to host a one day workshop for volunteers in 2002. The day was so successful that the LQRCDA felt there was a need to continue offering training and workshop opportunities for volunteers. They decided to expand the group bringing in a number of organizations who serve volunteers. This group became the Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Partnership, operating as a Committee under the umbrella of the LQRCDA.

Since the beginning the Partnership has been offering a number of training and workshop opportunities to volunteers. In 2003 they conducted an assessment of the volunteer needs in the two counties, receiving feedback from mail-in surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews. In the spring of 2003 the Lunenburg/Queens Volunteer Strategy was completed. From the feedback it became evident that volunteers wanted a person whose sole role was to support volunteers and volunteer organizations and they wanted a website that would be a resource for volunteers.

The Volunteer Partnership continues to meet regularly to help address the needs of volunteers in Lunenburg and Queens Counties.