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The Public Navigator Pilot Project is a free Legal Information Clinic for People thinking about going to Small Claims Court without a lawyer.

It is being started in Bridgewater to serve the needs of those living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia on a pilot basis and it’s the first of its kind in Canada! Individuals who participate in the free legal information clinics with public navigators will be asked to provide their feedback on the meetings. This feedback will be critical to making this project helpful.


Are you dealing with a conflict without a lawyer and do not know what to do?  

Are you considering going to Small Claims Court to start or defend a claim? Do you have questions about the process or how to get started?

Would you find it helpful to talk to someone who can answer your legal information questions?

You can book a meeting with a public navigator team who will be pleased to talk to you about your situation and provide legal information to assist your decision-making.

 What is a Public Navigator?

The public navigator is a non-legal volunteer community member who has received training on legal information to assist a person who is considering going to Small Claims Court without a lawyer.

The Public Navigator is NOT a LAWYER. The Public Navigator is impartial, does not provide legal advice and keeps your information fully confidential.

 The Public Navigator will provide information on how to prepare for Small Claims Court, assist with form filling, and provide resources that may help you decide whether to go to court.


Book a meeting with a Public Navigator by contacting the Bridgewater Justice Centre at 902-543-4679.

 Free Legal Information Clinics can be booked – please contact for further information.





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